MVW Green Expertise

Under the guidance of LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) Charlie Snowder, MVW has become a trusted resource in California's green building standards for residential and commercial applications. With an in-depth understanding of green building practices and principles as specified by the LEED™ Rating System, the MVW team is able to provide a greater level of education and expertise to the client.

MVW actively seeks building products and techniques that enhance energy-efficiency, reduce emissions and create a more sustainable and productive environment.

Homeowners are guided by the MVW team through product selection that will result in substantially lowered monthly utility costs and federal and state tax credits.

MVW and LOW-E Reflective Insulation Products

LOW-E green building products reflect 97% of radiant energy and reduce non-conditioned space temperatures by 30 degrees.

For the MVW preferred green product listing, visit LOW-E Reflective Insulation.

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