Why Green?

Energy-efficient, green building is no longer a trend, rather it is a cornerstone of modern residential and commercial construction.
Building performance along with sustainable building practices and materials are now all top-of-mind for homeowners, builders, public education, healthcare and government officials.

Green buildings use 30 percent less energy than conventional buildings and offer lower operation and maintenance costs. Sustainable building techniques also increase productivity and profitability as they improve the overall air quality and create a better indoor environment.

As sustainable building awareness increases, commercial and residential builders will adapt to meet the complete needs of their clients. Whether a stable or turbulent economic climate, residential homeowners will appreciate the energy cost savings benefit. On the commercial property front, building owners will possess a strong marketing tool to attract tenants committed to environmental responsibility, employee productivity and energy cost savings.

MVW is a trusted resource in California’s green building standards for residential and commercial applications and is able to foresee how each project will be affected.
The company is led by a LEED™ AP, who supplies an in-depth understanding of green building practices and principles. As a result, MVW provides clients with a greater level of education and expertise. The company actively seeks building products and techniques that enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions and create more sustainable and productive environments.


MVW Green Expertise
MVW General Contractors, Inc., is led by Charlie Snowder, a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED™ AP).
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